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Scottsdale Traumatic Injuries

Any dental injury in Scottsdale can be upsetting, especially when it comes to the traumatic injuries that affect the appearance and function of your mouth. And possibly losing a tooth can be very scary for anyone. Helping patients retain their natural dentition is paramount to Dr. Duval’s mission as a board-certified Endodontist.

When to Turn to Your Scottsdale Endodontist for Dental Injuries

Not all dental injuries in Scottsdale and surrounding areas are equal. If your tooth has been chipped, cracked, or broken and the pulp of the tooth has not been affected, your general dentist may be able to repair the tooth structure with composite bonding or other restorations. But if a tooth injury is severe enough to expose or compromise the pulp or a tooth is knocked out, turning to a highly trained and experienced board-certified Endodontist like Dr. Duval is your best choice.

If you or your child has had a tooth knocked out, please feel free to contact us directly. Time is extremely important when it comes to dental trauma, and we want to make sure we preserve as many treatment options as possible. Time is of the essence.

Our Goal Is To Provide Relief Immediately

In addition, it is important that you handle your lost tooth with care. Do not touch the root area, or wash or scrub your tooth, even if there is debris on it. Please contact our office immediately and if you are able to replace the tooth into its correct position (and orientation) do so as soon as possible.

Once you arrive at our office, we will get you comfortable and determine the best course of action to save your tooth. Our office will help you determine exactly what will be your most successful next step in managing the trauma.

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