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Finding the right fit for an Endodontist in Maricopa County shouldn’t be a burden on you and your family. You need someone who understands your needs and puts them first before anything else. You need an Endodontic team that provides compassionate, comfortable, and convenient care.

Loop 101 Endodontics is here for you. We offer all of these things and so much more, making sure your results are successful and healthy.

“Respect, service, and convenience are priorities at our office. We do everything we can to make each patient visit as efficient as possible. Not all treatments or surgical procedures are the same duration and we appreciate your understanding as we devote the time and care needed to make each patient’s experience Endodontically successful.” – Dr. Ryan Duval


Patient Safety / Sterilization

We Truly Care About You

By truly getting to know you, we form a connection of trust which provides assurance that you’re in skilled hands with our entire team. There’s no reason for fear or concerns. We work with you to alleviate any issues by answering your questions, while providing top-notch Endodontic care.

I want patients to know that beneficial, tested technology and evidence-based decision making are the keys to predictable Endodontic outcomes. Our office is driven to treat our patients like family members. As my graduate Endodontic program director used to say: “Treat all your patients with the Mother Litmus Test, all patients and treatment decisions should be executed with the same level of compassion and expertise you would afford your own mother.
– Dr. Ryan Duval

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