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Micro Surgery - Apicoectomy
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Scottsdale Micro Surgery – Apicoectomy

If you have had a root canal in the past, but infection keeps recurring, it might be time to talk to an Endodontist in Maricopa County about a precision-surgery solution: Apicoectomy is a root-end resection or a surgical root canal.

Apicoectomies may sound intimidating, but they are one of our most commonly performed micro-surgeries. And our patients are always comforted to know that Dr. Duval has performed thousands of them – successfully and painlessly.

When is an Apicoectomy Necessary?

Only after consultation, imaging, and thorough examination will your Scottsdale Endodontist make the decision along with you to decide if this type of treatment is the best choice to retain your tooth. Apicoectomies are recommended for a number of reasons. The anatomy of your tooth roots consists of a complex and intricate system dividing into narrowing branches. Some people have extra branches, while others have narrowing caused by calcium deposits as a reaction of your tooth to trauma or infection. Because of the delicacy of these root tips, your general dentist may not be able to see or reach all of the infected tissue with a traditional root canal. When traditional root canal treatments won’t do the trick, your Scottsdale Endodontist may recommend attempting to retain the tooth and address the chronic issue with an apicoectomy.

How Is the Apicoectomy Performed?

Dr. Duval uses dental cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to obtain detailed, three-dimensional images of root canals and other soft tissues, nerve pathways, teeth, and bone in one scan. Once we have a clear image of what we are looking for, we use microscopes for ultra-precision and efficiency for this sophisticated, microsurgical procedure. A small incision will be made in your gums, directly over the infected root. The tip of this root is removed and the bony area around the root is cleaned. Once removal and disinfection of the tooth are complete, the underside of the root is sealed with a biocompatible that both seals the root and also induces healing and regeneration. Dr. Duval, your Endodontist in Scottsdale, then repositions the gum tissue and closes the area with tiny sutures for final healing. Over time, your bone will heal, and your tooth will function the way nature intended.

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