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Diagnosis of Dental Pain and Infection
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Loop 101 Endodontics in Scottsdale, AZ

Diagnosis of Dental Pain and Infection in Scottsdale, AZ

Have you been struggling with tooth pain in Scottsdale and surrounding areas? Do you suspect that your tooth may be cracked or damaged but you can’t quite figure out which tooth is bothering you? Have you had a dental injury and you are worried that you might lose your tooth? Has your dentist suggested you see an Endodontist? Call Dr. Ryan Duval, your Scottsdale tooth-pain specialist.

Why Choose Dr. Ryan Duval to Diagnose Your Tooth Pain?

Dr. Duval is a board-certified Endodontist with years of experience and well over 14,000 completed cases. Plus, he can work closely with your general dentist to determine which course of treatment is the best one for your particular situation. In fact, before he was an Endodontist, Dr. Duval worked as a general dentist for years. He and your doctor speak the same language and can get on the same page to get you the specialized help you need, end your dental infection and pain, and get you back to enjoying life.

Our comfortable, welcoming office offers a full range of diagnostic services including CBCT imaging, microscope examinations, and Dr. Duval’s board-certified Endodontic expertise. Our goal is to make your experience as successful as possible. We care about you as a patient and your comfort.

During the diagnostic process we will:

  • Communicate with your dentist in depth
  • Take plenty of time to listen to your thoughts and concerns and answer any questions you have
  • Talk you through everything we are doing so there are no surprises
  • Educate you on your options and work with you and your dentist to create a treatment plan

Whatever is causing your tooth pain or infection in Scottsdale, we have the board-certified expertise, gentle touch, inquiring intellect, training, and equipment to help you get on the path of total health.

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