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Root Canal Retreatment
Extractions Aren’t Inevitable

Scottsdale Root Canal Retreatment

Many general dentists in Scottsdale perform simple root canals. And most of the time, the results are long-lasting, leaving patients free from pain and infection for life. But our anatomy is very complex, and oftentimes endodontic therapy can be just as complicated, requiring the intervention of a board-certified specialist.

Root tips might be too small to clean properly. Roots might be unusually shaped. Or the dentist simply doesn’t have the sophisticated equipment and training to deal with complex cases. But that doesn’t mean your tooth needs to be lost.

When a Root Canal Fails

If pain or inflammation returns after a root canal – even years later – it’s time to see an Endodontic specialist. Only an Endodontist has years of training, experience in complex Endodontic situations, and advanced equipment needed to make retreatment truly successful. Our Scottsdale Endodontic practice is equipped with all the leading-edge, precision equipment needed to address a tooth that may require the revision of an existing root canal conveniently, easily, and without pain.

Root canals can fail due to:

  • Damage to a crown because of trauma, clenching, or grinding
  • A seal on a crown that has been disturbed
  • A delay before crown placement or with the development of a cavity
  • Contamination of the root canal space
  • Difficulty with the patient’s body resolving the acute or chronic infection
  • Infection too deep in a tooth root to clear with conventional dental tools

Whatever the reason, Dr. Ryan Duval has the experience and expertise you can count on to get you back to health and end your pain without delay.

The Retreatment Process

To complete the retreatment process, your Endodontist in Scottsdale will:

  • Reopen your tooth to safely remove the materials from your previous root canal treatment
  • Examine your tooth carefully to locate any additional canals or signs of new infection present
  • If there’s infection, it’s gently removed
  • Your tooth is cleaned
  • Your Scottdale Endodontist shapes your canals and places your new filling materials
  • We seal the opening with either a temporary or permanent filling

It’s important to note that retreatment can require more than one visit to our office due to how complex your case is or the extent of your infection. If you have narrow canals or we realize that a traditional retreat won’t do the trick, we may recommend an apicoectomy.

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