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Scottsdale EdgePro Microfluidic Irrigation

We know needing a root canal isn’t necessarily what you want to hear from your dentist, but they really are true “toothsavers”’ that have come a long way over the years, especially thanks to technology like our EdgePro microfluidic irrigation in Scottsdale.

This tool is an advanced irrigation technique that has revolutionized the field of endodontics. It uses a microfluidic system to deliver a precisely controlled volume of irrigant solution to the root canal system. This method has several advantages over traditional irrigation methods, including better cleaning efficacy and reduced procedural time.

EdgePro VS. Traditional Irrigation Methods

The main difference between traditional root canal irrigation and EdgePro microfluidic irrigation is the way the solution is delivered to the root canal. With traditional irrigation, the dentist or endodontist uses a syringe and needle to manually inject the solution into the canal. This method can be effective, but it has some limitations. For one, it can be difficult to ensure that the solution reaches all areas of the canal. This can lead to incomplete cleaning and disinfection, which can increase the risk of reinfection or complications.

EdgePro microfluidic irrigation, on the other hand, uses a special device that creates a precise and controlled flow of solution into the canal. The device uses ultrasonic energy to create tiny bubbles in the solution, which then move through the canal and effectively clean and disinfect all areas. This method is much more efficient and effective than traditional irrigation, and it can help to reduce the risk of complications and improve the long-term success of the root canal treatment.

What are the Benefits of Having EdgePro?

EdgePro microfluidic irrigation reduces procedural time by up to 50% compared to traditional irrigation methods. The system uses a closed-loop design that allows for continuous irrigation, eliminating the need for the dentist to stop and reload the syringe with an irrigant solution.

In addition, EdgePro microfluidic irrigation has been shown to be more effective in removing bacteria and debris from the root canal system compared to traditional irrigation methods. The microfluidic system creates a vortex motion that enhances the cleaning efficacy of the irrigant solution.

EdgePro microfluidic irrigation technology is used to help improve the quality and efficiency of your root canal treatment. Its precise control, reduced procedural time, and enhanced cleaning efficacy make it a valuable tool for dentists performing endodontic procedures. It is likely that EdgePro microfluidic irrigation will become the standard of care in endodontics.

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