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Intracoronal Bleaching
Whitening a Tooth from The Inside Out
Loop 101 Endodontics in Scottsdale, AZ

Intracoronal Bleaching In Scottsdale

IIntracoronal bleaching simply means whitening a tooth from the inside out. If you have had an injury, infection, or damage that discolored your tooth and led to a root canal, intracoronal bleaching might be able to help return the tooth to shade that matches the adjacent teeth.

Why Would I Need Intracoronal Bleaching in Scottsdale?

If one or sometimes more than one of your teeth are dark and neither over-the-counter nor professional cosmetic bleaching has helped, you may have a tooth that has been intrinsically stained. This kind of discoloration may be a sign of trauma or another issue is occurring inside your tooth and should be looked at as soon as possible. Some possibilities include:

  • Pulp necrosis inside your tooth
  • Pulpal changes as the result of a dental trauma
  • Root resorption

The sooner we diagnose an issue with a damaged or infected tooth, the more likely we will be to save it.

If you have already had a root canal, but your tooth remained dark or darkened over time, Scottsdale intracoronal bleaching can help with that as well. Determining candidacy for intracoronal bleaching must be made case by case. Every tooth is unique and responds to treatments differently.

How Intracoronal Dental Bleaching Works

All of our Endodontic treatments are uniquely customized to fit your case and your needs. Intracoronal dental bleaching is completed by:

  • Removing any filling material, composite, or restoration within the crown of the tooth
  • Placing a protective layer over your completed root canal which seals the floor of the chamber
  • Placing a specially formulated whitening material into the chamber of the tooth
  • Ensuring the whitening material fills the entire tooth chamber
  • Placing a temporary filling
  • Scheduling you for your follow-up visits to achieve your desired results

Intracoronal bleaching often takes two to five visits to reach the proper shade. Each follow-up appointment is completed swiftly and without the need for local anesthetic.

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